Services : Internet Cafe, Fax, Scan & Email

Internet Browsing, Emails, Scan, Fax and Print

Come to our store if you are looking for Internet Service. We have computers with fast internet speed and high end printers which provide good quality printing of any size and many selection of paper quality.  Our Internet service at the store have been extremely helpful for thousands of customers for the last 10 years. Customers found very useful Business Center Service at our store. We provide Internet, Email, Fax, Lamination, Print, Copy, Scan, Binding, photo printing, banner and poster printing, tee-shirt printing, mug printing, FedEx,DHL, Chatr Wireless, Money Transfer and much more ...

Our Experts will assist you when you have issues with printing or browsing, our experienced technical staff is always helpful in providing service to the best of customers satisfaction. 

We are awesome, come and visit our store. We care our Customers.